The CutoutFriends was coined by a team of architects and visualizers for friends and like-minded people.
The main goal is to make such a service that will save us from having to constantly go through downloaded collections and numerous sites with images without background, in search of an object in the right perspective, with the correct light and mood.

Now, any registered user of CutoutFriends can upload its accumulated library of cut objects to a general or personal directory, for storage, quick search by images and sales.

All money earned from sales can be used for purchases of other people's photos or for withdrawal to a bank card. We believe that such a scheme will allow the site to develop, and the user to minimize costs when working with the library.

Also in our plans is to fill the site with various services that simplify the life of the architect and visualizer. Already, there are several ideas that are being implemented.

Let's together make the most complete and convenient library of images of objects without a background!
Nikita Shkilev
Creative leader NishA